Three secrets to making a BIG impression at events

Three secrets to making a BIG impression at events

OKC Branded Bag

Every business is involved in events of one kind or another. How do YOU make a BIG impression at your next event? Here are three great strategies:

1.  Begin with the end in mind: What do you want to accomplish with your event? Do you have a theme you want to impress upon your attendees? Do you simply want to magnify your brand's exposure at this event? Perhaps you have a goal you've accomplished and you want to celebrate.

Whatever your objective, be sure you consider large promotional items like bags in the equation. At a confined event, these promotional vehicles act as billboards and the repeated exposure guarantees you will impress everyone who sees your logo.

2.  Employ your promotional consultant for maximum results: Sometimes you know exactly what you want. Sometimes you settle for less than extraordinary because you are running out of time. But at all times you should tap the creative brainpower of your promotional consultant. Start with budget and purpose. Tell us about your event. Tell us what your objectives are. We work with hundreds of manufacturers that feature thousands of products. We are certain we can find the perfect promotion to help you achieve your goals. 

3.  Remember PRE, AT and POST: Don't merely consider at-event promotions. What are at-event promotions? Simply: promotions that are handed out at your event. For maximum impact, consider pre-show and post-show promotions as well. For pre-event, invite your attendees with a creative product or a dimensional mailer. Sometimes it may even be more important to save your best promotions for last. Recognize those that attended your event when they return home. If they had a stellar experience, there's nothing like a simple reminder to keep the enthusiasm going. 

Need some help coming up with creative ideas to enhance your event experience? We're here to help!