TIMECAR: No Flux Capacitor Required

TIMECAR: No Flux Capacitor Required

TIMECAR coasters

In a city as spread out as Oklahoma City, a car is certainly a necessity. Owning a car, however, is quickly become optional, though, thanks to TIMECAR. “TIMECAR is a membership-based car sharing service that provides 24/7 access to vehicles on an hourly and daily basis across Oklahoma and Texas,” says Benny Jacobs, owner of the car sharing company.

Potential clients pay a nominal application fee (which is used to conduct a check of the applicant’s driving record) and a very reasonable annual fee. Once approved, members are able to reserve cars at various locations via the TIMECAR website. One hour, five hours, all day… YOU decide. And you only pay for that amount of time. Rates range from $5/hour for night owls to $10/hour for primetime on the weekends.

TIMECAR started at Oklahoma City University. “Nearly half of the students are either from out-of-state or international students,” said Benny. “They love this concept!” It wasn’t long before TIMECAR opened another location in Norman to serve the University of Oklahoma.

To promote its newest location at the Crown Plaza Hotel on the north side of Oklahoma City, TIMECAR worked with the creative marketers at the Golding Group who teamed up with ROBYN to create a stylish, double-sided coaster that will be used in the hotel’s restaurant and lounge area. “For the price of a single cab ride, hotel guests can rent a car for a few hours and zip down to Bricktown for dinner before checking out other sites around the city,” said Benny.

TIMECAR also has locations for just military personnel at Tinker Air Force Base and Ft. Sill as well as one at the artists’ community of Martha, TX. “Oklahoma City has really embraced the idea,” says Benny. “It’s a great relationship which we hope to grow!”