Tradeshow Tactic - The VIPs

Tradeshow Tactic - The VIPs

All prospects are created equally, right? Well… not exactly. The truth is that some companies are more likely to buy more of what you’re selling, so you are willing to invest a little more in making sure they remember you. This is especially true at tradeshows, and smart marketers like the team at Cobalt understand how to connect with those bigger prospects.


“We like to give all the visitors to our booth something to thank them for coming by,” says Tina Russel, Marcom Traffic Manager at Cobalt, “but we give the VIPs something with a little more impact so they will hang on to it and remember us.” Wise words, indeed!

Of course, these are savvy marketers who work in the highly competitive field of car sales, so they should be insightful, right?!

“We provide a full range of digital marketing expertise to both car dealers and manufacturers,” Tina said. With over 500 “Account Advocates” on staff, each client has a dedicated contact person who, in turn, is surrounded by specialists in search engine optimization, paid search, social media, reputation management, digital advertising and email marketing.

The next time you’re searching for a car online and you keep seeing a certain dealer coming up, think about Cobalt. And when you’re looking for creative ways to stick in your prospect’s mind at a tradeshow, think of ROBYN!  

Client Gifts

Speaking of sticking in someone’s mind… The holidays are right around the corner. You still have time order beautiful (and delicious!) gifts to let your VIPs know how much you appreciate their business.