Turning Direct Mail Campaigns Up To 11

Turning Direct Mail Campaigns Up To 11

Direct mail is boring, wasteful and worthless, right?


When done well, direct mail campaigns can create magic. The key is to identify 'who' your target market is, 'what' your goal is and then get creative. Of course, working with a company that specializes in creative campaigns makes the whole process a lot easier, and that's exactly what ROBYN Promotions did for the Oklahoma City chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Each quarter, the AMAOKC holds an evening networking event that includes honoring a Marketer of Oklahoma (a MofO, as it is known). For the October edition, the event was nicknamed the "Monster MofO Mashup" to give it a Halloween feel. ROBYN Promotions sponsored the event and took on the task of creating an invitation to send to all the marketing/communications organizations in the Oklahoma City area.

For ROBYN, this was a great opportunity to showcase how creative and effective promotional products can be when used properly. The ROBYN creative team met to brainstorm ideas for cool, three-dimensional items that could be easily mailed and create an impact in the local community. What resulted from these meetings was a corrugated coffin-shaped box with a die-cut insert that featured two slits for glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth to attach to it, plus candy corn and black crinkle paper. 

Coffin Direct Mail Campaign


These were mailed to over 600 professionals throughout the metro and to say they were effective would be the understatement of the year! There were tweets and blog posts and pictures on Facebook. Everyone was talking about "the coffins"! In fact, ROBYN fielded calls and emails from people who wanted some for their own campaigns as well as individuals who wanted to be added to the ROBYN mailing list.

This campaign was a screaming success! In fact, it has now crossed into the "big leages" as it is gaining the national spotlight thanks to this video feature from the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI):


 This is the icing on the cake. The real dessert, though, is the tremendous response from the markets we serve. When a project meets expectations, and then goes a little bit higher, you know you have Turned It Up To 11.