Ultra-Custom Swag

Ultra-Custom Swag

Everything we do is customized,” says Janice Eischen, Marketing Manager for Temtrol. And she’s not joking!

As “Innovators in Custom HVAC Design Technology”, Temtrol is a leader in manufacturing custom air handling units. Big units. Built for hospitals and universities and the National Weather Center in Norman, OK. Certainly not your run-of-the-mill, home cooling units!


The majority of Temtrol’s business comes from building maintenance teams who need to repair or replace units built by other companies. While these folks may know their buildings, they don’t necessarily know their HVAC units. “We needed a quick way to tell them what they needed to measure (and how to measure it) so we can build a replacement coil for them,” said Janice. Introducing the Temtrol Custom Coil Measuring Tool (CCMT):

 Custom Marketing Tool

“With this one tool, they can tell us how many fins per inch, the size of the header, the size of the tubing inside and the size of the return bin,” she said. “Nothing like this existed before.”

Temtrol’s Manager of Coil Sales designed the CCMT and built a prototype. With this in hand, Janice called ROBYN Promotions saying, “Here’s what we’re looking for. I know you guys can develop it for us!” Janice laughed.

ROBYN’s Product Specialist, Kalli Kapraun, took the project from there. “It took several months and multiple revisions to the prototypes to get the final result, but we did it!”

“The CCMT is the best marketing tool we’ve ever created,” said Janice. “It can save two days of going back and forth with a customer on the phone. Plus, it has our name and number printed on it, with room to co-brand it with another company down the road.”

When Temtrol placed their initial order for the CCMT, Janice thought she was getting a year’s supply of the tools. “We went through the first batch in less than six weeks,” she said. “We’ve had to re-order them twice in three months! Our reps and customers love this tool. It narrows things down to exactly what the customer needs, which is wonderful.”

Custom Swag. Your logo... on the right item... when your client needs you. This is tangible marketing. This is a powerful tool. Are you ready to... "Activate Swag Mode"?!