Using Promotional Products To Show Patriotism

Using Promotional Products To Show Patriotism

Chesapeake USA Shirts

One doesn’t have to look hard to find an opposing view these days. Whether it’s politics, religion or wondering if there is any talent left in pop music, one simple tweet on Twitter is all it takes to start a firestorm. One little blog post can draw fire from the most obscure places. That’s part of what makes this country great. We are free to disagree.

It’s refreshing, though, to find a subject that most people can get behind… And that’s what makes Independence Day such an important holiday in the USA. We can all stop and take a day to appreciate the lives that have been lost to give us the freedom to disagree. We can be proud that we are the shining example of what democracy looks like. Regardless of our differences, on the Fourth of July, we are all Americans.

Some companies take patriotism to another level by showing their employees, shareholders and customers that they are proud to be Americans, too. Chesapeake Energy is one of those companies.

Right now, on their company store website, are two very cool shirts ROBYN Promotions designed for them. The design on the adult shirt is reminiscent of a shirt worn by the Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant, while the youth shirt features playful bubbles in patriotic colors.

The shirts are only available to Chesapeake employees through their online company store, but keep your eyes open. With over 10,000 employees, odds are good you’ll be seeing these shirts around!

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