What can a CUSTOM online company store do for you?

What can a CUSTOM online company store do for you?

The more custom online company stores ROBYN Promotions builds, the more variety we see in how our clients are using their stores to meet their unique needs. And, with new features being unveiled on a monthly basis, it is exciting to see how we are able to provide so many different configurations!

ROBYN recently launched a company store for a client who was looking for a way to meet the demands for promotional items by its salespeople, but who didn’t want to burden a valuable employee with managing a full-fledge program. They contacted ROBYN about an online company store, but had several concerns:

  • They wanted a turnkey solution – no admin time on their side
  • They did not want to carry an inventory on clothing
  • They did not want minimum quantities on the clothing, either
  • They wanted color options for the products and the imprinted logo
  • They wanted to gift every employee with a single-use coupon to introduce the store
  • They did not want to spend a lot of money to get it up and running

These are stout requests, but ROBYN is in the business of surprising and delighting clients… And that’s exactly what we did here!

The technical gurus at ROBYN were able to build an entry-level online company store that allows the visitors to choose from a variety of pre-determined colors of each shirt AND choices of color for the embroidered logo. None of the wearables are stocked items, so there is no inventory, yet there are no minimums to be met by a visitor who wants to order just one shirt.

To get their staff familiar with the new company store, each employee was given a single-use coupon code to order anything on the site.  Not only did this ensure that each person had the opportunity to choose an item (rather than be given the same thing as everyone else), but it also showed employees the wide selection of branded products available on the new online company store.

Now in full operation, employees can use credit cards, promotional coupon codes provided by management or approved purchase order numbers to order products from the company store. Talk about options!

The store is a hit, to say the least! As an entry-level store, it is very affordable; it solved the inventory concerns, it requires absolutely no administration by staff members and real-time reporting capabilities are just a click away for management.

What a great example of how an online company store can help you save money!

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