What do we NEED in our marketing closet?

What do we NEED in our marketing closet?

Marketing Closet 

Whether your marketing closet is hidden in the darkest recesses of the warehouse or served up to you online via an online company store, having the right products at your fingertips is essential. Business moves quickly. You have to be faster. So how do you find (and keep!) the right products locked and loaded in your arsenal? The same way you solve other important issues: you go to the pros.

One of the key ingredients to the ROBYN Company Store Solution is our sourcing and research team. Not only are these experts up-to-date on the coolest, latest and greatest products available (as well as staple items that work), but they also know with whom they should do business on your behalf. Why is this important? Well, let’s see… safety, compliance, legal issues, print quality, turn times, a successful history!

ROBYN Promotions has been in the branded products business for over 20 years. In that time, we have had the opportunity to build some strong relationships with our preferred suppliers. And, because of our successful history, ROBYN is invited to attend private events where our team meets with executives from some of the best manufacturers in the industry. These relationships often times work out to be very beneficial to our clients.

“Recently, we had a bag order for one of our clients,” said Kalli Kapraun, Product Specialist. “It was a very tight turn-around that they needed, but the vendor said they could meet it. Once the order was placed, however, they said things had changed and it was going to take an extra week – which was one week too long! Fortunately, I had met the VP of the company at EME last year. I gave her a call and she was able to shave that week off. Our client never had to worry about this.”

Of course, strong relationships are important on both sides of our business. When we start working with a client to build a branded merchandise store, we get Sara Janzen, a Client Care Specialist, involved early in the process. She’s great at sharing her experience in developing branded merchandise programs and customizing the product selection to match the new client’s needs.

“There are some core categories that we discuss in our first meeting,” says Sara. Products such as: writing instruments, drinkware, hats, golf shirts, dress shirts, jackets, padfolios, desktop items and usb drives are a good starting point. “Then we move into items that are more industry specific, such as flame-retardant materials for oil field workers or depth gauges for insulation installers,” she said.

“Obviously, our clients know their company’s history better than we do in the beginning stages, so we ask ‘what has worked for you in the past?’ to get a good feel for their culture,” said Sara. “After doing some research, we are able to suggest other products that might also be effective for them. As clients start selecting products, we bring in samples for them to touch and feel to make sure the products meet their expectations.”

We have found that our client’s field teams begin soliciting feedback about the products on the new e-commerce store soon after launch. Knowing the types of products they feel would best serve their customers and prospects helps our research team find even more useful branded merchandise for marketing closet.

This continuous dialog helps to propel the store to becoming even more useful for everyone. And, as the ROBYN team becomes more familiar with our clients, we are better able to suggest products ahead of time, which saves clients time and money down the road.

There are many reasons so many reputable brands look to ROBYN to manage their branded product needs. At the top of the list, however, is our experience in sourcing the best products to meet our client’s needs.