What is Brand Love?

What is Brand Love?

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to talk about love. Brand Love, that is!

Brands We Love! 

Think of your favorite brand. Instantly, you can see their logo in your head. Whether it’s because they have the best quality, most useful features or they simply make you feel special, that brand has earned a special place in your heart. You love that brand!

Each of the SwagExperts at ROBYN has a favorite brand, too. For instance…


Sara, Client Care Specialist – “I love OGIO. They offer trendy, stylish and corporate options while including fun/bold and corporate color options. 
Eric, Director of eCommerce – “Victorinox. It’s a brand I’ve known since I was a Cub Scout and one that I know I can depend on for a well-designed and built product.  Victorinox
Kalli, Product Specialist – “Today, my favorite brand is Numo… They even sent me a Valentine’s card and gift! Plus, they always go the extra mile to help us out.”  Numo

Different brands resonate with different people for a variety of reasons. There is no debate, though, that getting people to love your brand is good for business. A recent article in Forbes suggests that the best way to build brand love is through “Designed Serendipity”: 

That sounds a lot like what we call "Surprise & Delight”, which is exactly what we’re doing today! ROBYN Promotions is giving away three premium gifts guaranteed to heat up your Valentine’s Day celebration…

 Brookstone Suitcase Designer Computer Bags Brookstone Wine Chiller


To enter, just answer the question below and submit your email address. That’s it! We’ll announce the winners next week.