What to call YOUR company store

What to call YOUR company store

What’s in a name? The question was posed by William Shakespeare over 400 years ago in Romeo and Juliet when Juliet said:

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Great point, Bill. What one company might call the “Company Store” another may call the “Employee Recognition Program” and another the “Corporate Gift Shop”. Is any one name better or “right”? Of course not! ROBYN’s Company Store Solution is simply a way for you to manage your programs. You should call it whatever makes the most sense to your company.

Having developed a variety of programs for clients over the last 20 years, ROBYN is adept at identifying the core needs the program needs to address and find solutions that allow our clients to focus on their primary responsibilities, not on managing the program. Below are five of the most popular ways our solutions have been implemented:


The Company Store

A full-service corporate program can serve every facet of the company, which is especially convenient for companies with multiple branches, field agents or franchises across the country. From branded merchandise (both inventoried and special order) to customized literature to materials needed to conduct day-to-day business, the Company Store is the hub for all these items. Not only does this make it more useful for your audience, it’s also easier for you to manage!



Employee Recognition Program

Many companies have on-going employee recognition programs (ie – birthdays, anniversaries, showers, etc.). A great way for companies to gift their employees is through a branded merchandise store. Employees get to choose the item that means the most to them while the company benefits from having their logo proudly displayed by the employee. Truly a win-win program!


Corporate Gift Store

Visiting VIPs, thank you gifts for clients, last-minute door prizes for events… We have all faced the stress of finding a corporate gift at the last moment. Imagine having a supply of creative, desirable products – with your logo on them – ready to go at a moment’s notice. Now, imagine having a team who can wrap the items like Martha Stewart and have them on your desk the next day! That’s what ROBYN means by “Surprise and Delight!”



Marketing Closet

You’re an expert at managing your brand; making it stand out in the minds of your clients and prospects. When you have to stop promoting your brand to manage your resources, there’s a problem. You need a branded materials resource center to manage your “stuff” for you. This is one of the best reasons to build a company e-store. Instead of people across the organization asking you and your team to make sure literature, tradeshow booths and give-away items make it to every location they name, you have a place for them to order it themselves. Now, you’re free to do what you do best!



Special Programs Store

Most companies have some sort of special program for their employees from time to time. One of the best, hassle-free ways for you to manage this is to build an employee store specifically for the event or give-away. ROBYN manages the entire program while you accept the pats on the back for a job well done. It’ s that easy!



So, what’s in a name? Does it matter what you call your branded merchandise e-store? The short answer is “yes”. By determining exactly how your program is going to serve your audience, you can choose a name that will resonate with them. And, since the ROBYN Solution is completely customizable, it can evolve to accommodate new needs as you move forward.