When it pays to play it safe

When it pays to play it safe

Safety is important in every profession, but let’s face it… guys working on a rig in an oilfield risk a lot more than getting a paper cut when they clock in each day. This is why smart companies like SandRidge Energy reward their employees on the rigs for being safe and not getting any DARTs (Days Away, Restricted and Transferred) from OSHA.

In past years, the company rewarded employees who had zero DARTs with a nice gift, such as a high-quality jacket with the SandRidge logo on it. Coordinating the correct sizes for each recipient and shipping them to the right locations for the award dinner in each town proved to be a logistical headache for the company. Plus, not everyone wants the same thing, no matter how cool it is. There is a better way, though!

“We saw how the ROBYN VIP Store lets each person choose their own gift, and we loved how it worked,” said Christy Kruchten, Communications Specialist II. “In the past, our guys didn’t have any options. This year however, they get a card to choose their own special gift on the new Award Site for Safety.”

 Special Programs Store

While SandRidge already has a corporate branded merchandise store to manage their collateral, this special programs store serves a specific program. Instead of being handed the exact same jacket as the other 200+ award recipients at the celebratory dinner, the guys are given a card with a web address and their own personal log-in information and told they can pick out whichever item they like the best.

How is the employee incentive program working?

The website just launched this week, but before the first celebration dinner was over, ROBYN was already receiving orders from award recipients who were logging-in from their smart phones. Gotta’ love technology! 

“It gives the guys options and we don’t have to track shipments to each location, which is fantastic,” said Christy. “We do a similar program with our new hires and I can see a special programs site like this working for them, too.”

Simple, managed, turnkey solutions that are customized to meet your specific needs. It’s easy to see why so many of our savviest clients are utilizing our company stores in so many creative ways.

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