Winner, Winner... Chicken Dinner!

Winner, Winner... Chicken Dinner!

When your restaurant has been around since 1896, finding “the perfect gift” for your employees can become a bit of a challenge. Just ask Janice Eischen, who has been working at the world famous Eischen’s Bar since she was a little girl. “ROBYN comes up with such great ideas!” says Janice.  “We always want to do something unique… Not another t-shirt!”

Branded Watch

This year, the ROBYN elves found some beautiful branded watches that have just a touch of a retro feel for the owners to give their employees at the annual company Christmas party. But, to the owner’s surprise, the employees all chipped in and bought them an awesome stainless steel Coleman ice chest with the Eischen’s logo imprinted on it. Now, that’s the giving spirit!

Branded Cooler

As the oldest bar in the state of Oklahoma, Eischen’s is located in Okarche (about 40 minutes NW of Oklahoma City), but has gained international attention thanks to shows such as Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives for their fried chicken. In fact, they are so popular that they serve over 24,000 pieces of fried chicken… Every. Single. Week.
Of course, this landmark restaurant attracts a host of celebrities, too. “We’ve had Lee Majors, Vince Gill, the governor… And we treat them just like everyone else. No reservations,” said Janice.
While Eischen’s does take reservations for corporate parties Monday thru Thursday, they don’t accept them for anyone on the weekends. And, they don’t have a hostess. You have to grab your own table. And bring cash (no credit cards accepted). And you’re going to love it.
Although famous for their fried chicken, they have other things on the menu that are delicious, too. “I haven’t eaten chicken in 16 years!” jokes Janice.
Thanks, Janice. That means more chicken for the rest of us!
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