30 years…Let’s Celebrate

We're celebrating our 30th year in service. Here are 30 ways we can help you succeed.

Brand Compliance – We are Your In-House Brand Specialist

      Enable MidstreamPulling off an effective campaign like the unveiling of the Enable Midstream Partners name and logo is no small feat. It takes a team of seasoned pros to conceptualize, develop a plan and execute a multitude of details.

      "Once the product was selected and ordered, we had to determine how many tumblers needed to go to each location," says Sara Janzen, client care specialist. "From there, we calculated ship times and staged the shipments to leave our dock on different days to arrive at each destination on July 28th." With over 100 locations scattered in 7 states, having an experienced shipping manager on hand is priceless.

      While shipping logistics are certainly important, there are many other details to iron out before a campaign is ready to ship. For instance, each order ROBYN receives is opened and checked as part of our Brand Compliance and Quality Control. When the Enable Midstream Partners' tumblers arrived, a carton was opened and several tumblers were pulled out for inspection. Guess what? Some of the logos were not perfect!

      Sara contacted our manufacturing partner and explained the problem. Their first questions were, "How many do you need replaced?" and "When do you need them?". Our partner expedited production and offered to expedite freight to get replacement tumblers to the ROBYN warehouse in time for the launch.

      "Sometimes things go wrong," says Sara. "How it's handled and fixed makes all the difference!" And, having strong relationships with our partners makes problems like this evaporate. "The Enable Midstream Partners branding team never knew about the issue until after the launch," Sara stated. "We knew they had enough on their plates. They didn't need to worry about this, too."

      Once the right tumblers were in house, the assembly team took each one out, inspected the logo and inserted a card to invite each of the Enable Midstream Partners employees to visit the new online company store for a complimentary t-shirt. The tumblers were sealed and put back in their boxes before being packed into cases and sorted for each shipment. Then, a note was affixed to the top of each box to NOT open until the conference call.

      The keys to executing a successful campaign like the Enable Midstream Partners launch are based on planning and execution, yet rely on paying attention to details. Making sure the right number of products arrive at the right location on the right day with the right logo and the right insert sending the audience to the right website with the right promo codes for the right product... You get the idea.

      ROBYN Promotions excels at providing turn-key solutions to complex campaigns like this one. How can we help you surprise and delight someone today?

      Fulfillment Center – Your distribution solution for Employees, Customers, and beyond

      Company Stores – Fine-tuned to meet your business’ needs

      Thanks to ROBYN we were able to launch our online store in time to get much needed protective gear to our essential workers at the beginning of COVID. As an employer with Team Members who work remotely across the Country, we were in a nightmare trying to figure out how to get masks to our retail store employees in an efficient manner. But within a week or so, the ROBYN team had us set up so that our Team Members could simply log into the store though single sign on and place an order. The ease of partnership was much needed and appreciated during such a difficult time! And who knows the number of ways our company, but most importantly our Team Members, were protected by being able to get them PPE at the onset of the pandemic. THANK YOU ROBYN!!!!
      Anita Baldwinson, Director of Marketing

      The ROBYN eCommerce team leaped into action and started developing an online company store once they got the call. "The framework is a standard store," said Eric Granata, Director of eCommerce. "However, it has been customized to meet the exact needs for our client, so it's the perfect store for them." And, because all the ROBYN company stores are built on the same platform, more advanced features can be added when the client needs them.

      Here at ROBYN, we are excited to help your company store dreams become a reality. With years of experience and expertise, we have experience like no other, and we can’t wait to help you create a company store of your dreams customized to all your needs. Contact us today at info@robynpromo.com!

      Inventory ManagementReceiving, warehousing, cycle counts, low stock notifications, and more...

      Customized ReportingFrom basic to complex, we’ve got the reports