Branded Gear for a Special Ski Camp

What do you call 20 teenagers sliding down a mountain on tubes that have been linked together… hooting, hollering, laughing and shooting video? NORMAL!

And the Cavett Kids Foundation wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Each of our camps focuses on a childhood illness,” says Camp Director, Todd Bridgewater. “Our Ski Camp tends to serve cancer patients (lymphoma, leukemia, sarcoma, tumors, etc.). Some of our campers are survivors, some are going through treatment now. The main thing is that they are going through this together.”

The 20 Ski Campers (13 new and 7 returning) were joined Danny Cavett (the founder), a chef, a doctor, three RNs, 10 counselors and three junior counselors for the 7-day trip to Winter Park, CO (where the National Sports Center for the Disabled is located). And, they had fun. A lot of fun! But each evening, after a day of skiing, the real work began.

After dinner, the campers spend some time writing thank you notes to the folks who made the trip possible for them before they are introduced to “Danny’s Challenge”, where they are given encouragement and leadership from Danny Cavett. And then, the adults are kicked out of the room so the campers can have Group Time.

“This is an opportunity for the kids to speak freely with each other,” Todd said. “Nothing said in the room leaves the room, which creates a strong trust factor between the kids. Whether it’s about school, family life, survivor’s guilt… no topic is off limits. There’s a much deeper level of life and understanding with these kids that some other children don’t yet have.”

“We’ve been supporters of Camp Cavett for several years, but this is the first time I’ve participated as a counselor,” said Bobby Lehew, Chief Branding Officer at ROBYN. “The most important thing I learned is that these kids had much more to teach me than I had to teach them. For some, it was the first time they had been around other kids with cancer, so this was an opportunity for empathy and sharing, but also, to just live a full life as a kid.”

“They are seeking a place to be normal,” said Todd. “And Camp Cavett is that place.”

For over 30 years, Danny Cavett has been bringing groups of seriously ill children to the mountains for spring break. His act of kindness has grown into the Cavett Kids Foundation, an organization focused on easing the lives of children with a variety of life-threatening illnesses. With five camps each year plus a Diversionary Play program to help kids going through treatment, the Cavett Kids Foundation truly lives their mission:

Camp Cavett holds a special place in the heart of ROBYN Promotions. This year ROBYN outfitted the campers with ski jackets, hoodies, scarves, gloves, slouch beanies and warm-up pants… all branded with the Cavett Kids Foundation logo.

“It was great having all our kids wearing the same thing,” said Todd. “Everyone could tell we were together and it was really easy to spot them on the slopes!”

Plus, they looked awesome!

The Cavett Kids Foundation does not charge the patients or their families for any of their programs. Instead, they rely on generous donations, both cash and in-kind, from companies and individuals who want to make a difference in these children’s lives. ROBYN Promotions is proud to support their efforts. You can help, too!