Building A Company Store - The Shopping Cart

Although there are many components that go into a successful company store program, at the very heart of it all is the shopping cart because this is where visitors will browse available promotional items, add them to the cart, select a shipping method and pay for them. Our goal is to make this process as simple as possible.

Product Selection

Our online company stores are designed to be easy to navigate. Products are placed in logical categories and the entire site is searchable. As items are added to the cart, the total is automatically updated.

Shipping & Payment Options

When the visitor is ready to check out, the shipping and payment options you have chosen to offer are presented. A variety of forms of payment can be used, such as:


Immediately upon completion of a company store purchase, the visitor is given a summary of the transaction and a confirmation number. We want to make sure your customer is completely informed.

We customize the look and feel of the corporate store, available options and overall functionality to fit your brand and the way in which your company conducts business. This is what makes it your company store.

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