The Versatile Custom Journal

Branded journals are great. They're a practical gift that is sure to be appreciated whether used at the office or to take notes at the next conference. But if your journal simply has your logo plastered on it, you're missing out on an opportunity to create something special.

You might have a journal with your logo embossed, imprinted, in full color, or maybe you use a full color epoxy dome to dress up your journal. But you could also be using:

In this article we highlight the top ways to customize your next journal for maximum brand impact. Your journal will be elevated into a gift that recipients enjoy, appreciate and keep those good vibes coming for months to come! Additionally, we invite you to view the Castelli Bookshelf embedded below. The Castelli Bookshelf is a simple and fun way to browse tip-in examples to inspire your clients ideas and message.

Tip-in pages make a colorful addition to your journal.

Tip-In Pages

A tip-in is a page or group of pages created after the journal itself is created and inserted later. Tip-in pages can be printed in full color and are an excellent way to make your journal more relevant to your event or company. You can even create fold-out tip-ins. Take your tip-in to the next level by adhering items like magnets, mirrors or tear-out cards. Tip-ins can be used for:

This custom journal we produced for a client is modeled after the one Benjamin Franklin kept!

Custom Fillers

Most journals come with options for lined, unlined or graph paper. The filler for your journal is another opportunity to customize your project to meet your project's goals. Consider adding a to-do list on every other page, for example. Or a daily schedule! We've also seen customers build purposeful journals for:

Custom fillers are the best way to convert a journal into a very specific tool.


When your recipients get your journal in their hands, do you want them to think, "Great, here's another product they put their logo on..." or would you prefer them to explaim, "Holy moly, look at this gift they made for me...?" Unboxing has become a ritual of consumers. When you deliver your journal in an attractive and high-quality box, your brand becomes the focus of that experience. For a small investment, you can elevate your journal to the next level.

Don't have the budget for a custom box? Consider a custom printed belly band for your journal! Little touches like these make a big difference in how your gift and brand is perceived.

Pen Loop and Pen

What good is a journal without a pen? There is an epic amount of choices when it comes to pens. No matter your budget, style, or brand colors, there is one that will be perfect for your journal. You can imprint on the pen as well which means, no matter where it goes, it's still working for you. For a fantastic look at how writing instruments work for you, see the infographic below!

ASI's Global Impressions Study research displays the ROI of writing instruments as promotional products.


Thoughtful customization of a journal converts a typical promotional product into a gift and tool that will be admired for months to come! The next time you are hosting an event, bringing on a new employee or just want to get your brand and message out there, consider a journal! We are particularly fond of the Castelli line of journals. These luxurious books are crafted in Italy from high quality materials and have some unique features including eco-friendly and scented journals.

We've included the Castelli Bookshelf below that displays a variety of journal ideas for different industries. Be inspired!

View the complete Castelli catalog or contact us today!