Maximizing Company Store Usage with Promotions

Your online company store plays a vital role in your marketing strategy... but only if your team is using it! Sometimes, it pays to give users an added incentive to utilize the company store. The ROBYN Company Store Solution features several ways for you to use promotional strategies to meet your goals.


One of the most effective ways to encourage your team to use the store is to offer a free item when they order specific products. Your company store can automatically add these products to the user’s cart (without adding any cost to the order).

Moving Inventory

From time to time, you may find yourself sitting on stock that simply did not sell, is out of season or, in the case of food products, is close to expiration. Rather than continuing to carry these items on your books, your company store can be used to move this inventory.

When a user places an order from the company store, they are secretly given the item you want to move. While it does not appear in their cart or on the confirmation email they receive, it does show up on the order received by the ROBYN Promotions Customer Service Team. Imagine how excited your customer will be to receive this additional item free of charge! This is what ROBYN calls The Art of Surprise & Delight.

Sure, there is a cost to you associated with this. You spent marketing dollars on that additional item. However, branded promotional products are not helping your marketing efforts if they are sitting in a warehouse. Why not earn a little extra goodwill while getting that promotional product out of the warehouse and into the world?!

Completing the Campaign

Often times, a visitor to the store will select an item that is one component of a complete campaign, but fails to order the complementary items that ensure the campaign’s success. This can be very frustrating for the folks who developed this campaign. A company store can prevent this atrocity from happening to you!

When specific items are added to the cart by a user, your company store can automatically add the other components of the campaign.

While the user does retain the ability to delete these items at checkout, we have found that in most instances, the user is happy to have all the components to create a successful campaign.

Coupon Codes

We encourage our company store clients to offer discounts to their employees when they launch the store. Not only does this put cool company swag into the employee's hands at a great price, but it also makes a great first impression for the new store.

There are many ways to encourage your employees to visit the company store. Talk to the SwagExperts at ROBYN to learn more!