Related Products: Using a Company Store to Compliment Your Efforts

Often times, B2C products and services push B2B providers to step-up their game. When it comes to online company stores, we call this the "Amazon Effect". Visitors to the company stores we build have expectations that are beyond the typical cookie cutter company store. They want the look, feel and functionality of their favorite online retailers. So do we!

One tool B2C retailers utilize is the "Related Products" feature. This is a fantastic way for retailers to increase sales to their customers. This same feature can be a lifesaver for your online company store, too!

Let's say your office in Dubuque is participating in a local Chamber of Commerce event and needs a branded table cover for their booth. The local rep goes to the company store, finds the table cover and adds it to his cart. As he prepares to check out, the store realizes this might be for an event, so it displays items that are associated with events: branded tote bags, pens and golf shirts.

Branded tote bags and pens? Of course! Instead of racing around at the last minute to try to locate something to give booth visitors (which usually ends up being unbranded pieces of candy that are eaten, discarded and forgotten), your rep is reminded to order some products with your logo. And, since each tote bag gets an average of 6,000 impressions, he just increased the usefulness of this event for your brand exponentially. This simple feature just saved the event!

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