ROBYN Promotions and the QR Code Solution


You may have heard the buzz about these funny looking things already… And, you may already know a lot about these things, but keep reading, anyway… It’s worth it. I promise.

That series of squares and squiggles may look like nothing more than a doodle, but it’s much more than that. It’s a glimpse into the future!

“QR” stands for “Quick Response” and it’s the hottest trend in mobile marketing right now. By using a free app on a smartphone, users are able to scan a QR code and instantly have access to any one of the following features:

With the number of smartphones in the world growing at an amazing rate, smart marketers are Quickly Responding to this technology. In fact, that’s exactly what ROBYN Promotions recently did in sponsoring the May luncheon of the AMA OKC (Oklahoma City chapter of the American Marketing Association).

Two weeks before the meeting, ROBYN mailed all the members and non-members on the AMA OKC mailing list a microfiber cleaning cloth with four-color imprint and both a QR code and a MicroSoft Smart Tag (another type of quick response code) on it in a shiny blue envelope. Enclosed was also an invitation to the AMA OKC luncheon that featured Scott Townsend from United Linen who would be talking about… What else? QR codes, of course!


At the luncheon, ROBYN did not give away swag (as we’re prone to do!). Instead, on the back of the table card at each seat was a QR code that took the attendees to a web page that allowed them choose from three different items.

This campaign was a hit with the AMA crowd (27 attendees had already requested their stuff before the meeting was over!). We think it will be a hit with you, too. So… Please take a moment to click “ROBYN Promotions Knows QR” to get the same offer.

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