Stick with ROBYN

We're celebrating our 30th year in service. Here are 30 ways we can help you succeed.

Printing and Direct Mail

    Everyone loves to get a surprise promo piece in the mail, we can print it and send it – saving your time for other obligations.

    “You might have heard that direct mail is trending downward, however, that’s not what we’re seeing. Direct mail is an excellent way to send your employees and clients something. Studies show that direct mail, especially direct mail that contains something bulky, is more likely to capture your audience’s attention more than an email blast or a post on social media.

    Let’s dig deeper! Everything is going virtual from your bills to magazines to invitations. Receiving something in the mail is somewhat of a rarity nowadays. When your clients receive direct mail, you’ll stand out because it’s unique. What are you waiting for? Give direct mail a try! Listen to what our suppliers have to say about us. “I have always enjoyed working with Robyn Promotions. We have worked side by side on numerous projects large and small, building brand awareness and creating lasting memories for their clients. Their dedication to go above and beyond their clients' expectations surpasses the competition.”

    Roy, one of our supplier.

Business Forms

    The backbone and structure to your business; we print, pick, pack, and ship it…simple.


    Remote publishing to create consistent print across your company.

Custom Packaging

    We create that “WOW” moment when they receive/open their shipment.

    At one time or another, we all have received a package that was beautifully created! Here at ROBYN, we live for that type of packaging. Custom packaging is the perfect way to take a package from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s another great way to get your brand out for the world to see. You will receive so much more brand recognition if you ship your items out in a custom box rather than a plain brown shipper box. Don’t take our word for it. Read what our clients have to say about their experiences with custom packaging.

    “Congratulations to ROBYN on their 30th Anniversary! We here at TNG Retail Services are happy to be working with the entire team. It’s so nice to have a partner that we can count on to provide great branded options for our company and can carry most of the load in making us look like heroes in the distribution of those items. We recently ran a virtual leadership event with over 700 of our leadership team and the packages we sent went over so incredibly well. We couldn’t have done it without ROBYN. A special shout out goes to Katie for conducting the execution flawlessly.”

    Anita Baldwinson, Director of Marketing.

    We know that you want your brand to stand out from being ordinary to being extraordinary. Contact the team at ROBYN at

Custom Products

    From Concept to Sourcing, then Design to Delivery, your dreams can come true

    Custom products are the perfect way to make sure no one else has what you’re giving your clients or employees. You create products so they represent your brand perfectly. We’re familiar with creating custom products, and our clients have had a great success rate with their custom products.

    I’ve worked with ROBYN and Becky for three years and I know she is the vendor to turn to when I want something truly custom. As a to-the-trade fabric distributor, we love the opportunity to showcase our fabric patterns on promotional items and Becky has found a way to say yes to my requests for full-bleed, full-color art on everything from 16’ tape measures to binder clips. In our most recent adventure, Becky utilized a keychain maker that was willing to use Fabricut’s own leather, so that we could put a one-of-a-kind gift and the true experience of our product directly into the hands our clients. Hope you are well, and congratulations on ROBYN’s milestone!

    Cassie DeLozier Miller, Fabricut

    We’re ready to make all your custom dreams come true! Contact us today at