The 5W’s of a Company Store Order

One of the less obvious benefits of an online company store program is how it tracks usage. Much like a reporter digging into a story to find all the facts, custom order fields can be used to gather and organize important details about how your marketing materials are being implemented.

Beyond the tracking information and the real-time inventory, ROBYN also provides detailed monthly reports… customized to include the information you need. Like what? Glad you asked!

Who – It’s easy to track who placed an order, but sometimes it’s important to know who authorized the purchase. Or to whom it was shipped. Or which division should be billed for it.

What – Not just what was ordered, but what was its purpose? Personal use? Tradeshow give-away? Client gift?

When – While standard reports may show when an order was placed, a custom order field can tell ROBYN’s shipping department the date the items need to reach their destination. This is critical information for event-based materials!

Where A shipping address will get your package to the right company, but a custom order field can ensure sure your materials make it the right room for your presentation: Please deliver to Building 3, First Floor, Conference Room A

Why – When it comes to details, why may be the most important one to capture. It can clarify the difference between marketing efforts and client gifts… or any other reason branded gear is being used.

From drop-downs with pre-defined options to radio buttons and check boxes to open text fields, the custom order fields provide many ways for you to better understand how your marketing materials are being implemented. And, because these inputs are captured in your custom monthly reporting, it’s easy to account for the usage.