The Importance of Employee Appreciation

ProCure in Oklahoma City takes employee appreciation seriously… And they are smart about how they are doing it!

"We have had a birthday program for several years,” says Jenna Johnston, Human Resources Manager, “where we gave our employees a Visa gift card. Our accounting department informed us that we were going to have to tax our employee’s paychecks because of it, though (it’s the law). We needed a better solution!"

Jenna worked with the SwagExperts at ROBYN to select a variety of premium gifts that could be branded with the ProCure logo. Virtual images of these items were sent to employees so they could choose what they would like to receive:

"A few days before an employee’s birthday, I take the gift they selected to the manager, said Jenna. “On the employee’s birthday, the manager gifts the employee. It’s a great way to get our managers more engaged with their teams."

And the employees love it! Not only are they not being taxed for a cash gift, but they were able to choose which item they would receive.