Top Ten Branded Items for Your Swag Shop

Picking the right items for your company’s merch program is harder than most people would think. From the C-Suite to the entry-level new hires, finding something for everyone (that still represents your brand well) can quickly become a daunting task. The SwagExperts at ROBYN can help!

1.  Short-sleeve sport shirts

Whether the executives are on the links, the Sales and Marketing team is working a trade show or its Casual Friday in Accounting, golf shirts are very popular items in a branded merchandise program. The SwagExperts have selected hundreds of shirts to meet every budget and need. Check out the entire sport shirt category!

2.  T-shirts

Who doesn’t love a t-shirt? A better question is ‘who doesn’t love a good t-shirt?’ We recommend offering your employees a nice and soft fitted t-shirt. Why? Because you want them to wear it! The t-shirt has earned a place in our culture, so give your team (and clients) a shirt they will enjoy wearing.

3.  Lightweight Jackets

One of those items people will hang on to for years to come, jackets are a fantastic investment in your brand. From micro-fleece pullovers to lined windbreakers, these are items that stick around. Pro tip: Don’t skimp on quality with these! With brands such as Eddie Bauer, Columbia and Dri Duck available to boast your brand, choosing a jacket your audience will be proud to wear makes perfect sense. And, 95% of them will remember who gave it to them!

4.  Drinkware

Humans are about 60% water, so it goes to reason that they consume a lot of liquids. And, 100% of your team, clients and prospects are human, so putting your logo on drinkware practically ensures it will be seen! The real question is where do you want your brand to get noticed? It could be that first cup of Joe on the way to the office (travel tumbler), at the big client meeting (branded coffee mug) or even at the gym after work (water bottle).

5.  Journal or Padfolio

In the digital age, there’s something comforting about taking notes by hand. With space for doodles, private thoughts and “to do” lists, a nice journal or padfolio is always a useful item. This category ranges from personal journals to keep track of notes and ideas to feature-filled padfolios to help a busy professional stay organized.

6.  Computer / Tablet Bags

Outfitting the sales team, rewarding an employee’s performance or thanking a valuable client… Quality, branded computer and tablet bags are some of the most popular items. From sleek Brookstone Messenger Bags to rugged Field & Co. styles, there’s something exciting about being handed a new bag. Adventure awaits!

7.  Tote Bags

Speaking of bags, an economical tote bag gets more impressions than virtually any other product (on average, almost 6,000 views… EACH!). When it’s time for large-scale giveaways, tote bags are a winner!

Pro tip: The SwagExperts at ROBYN suggest always putting something inside the bag before giving it away. Whether it’s your latest brochure, a can cooler or an awesome speaker for their cell phones, people will remember the “gift inside a gift” presentation.

8.  Hats

One of the most popular branded products available are hats... especially to people earning six figures or more (27% of them wear hats regularly!). To ensure your hats are used, it’s important to consider where they will be worn. For executives on the golf course, a golf hat might be ideal whereas a camouflage hat would appeal to hunters. Or, perhaps an all-purpose cap is the best fit for your team. Putting your logo on hats that are stylish and fit well is a great way to ensure they will be used.

9.  Woven Dress Shirts

While t-shirts make fantastic giveaway items and branded golf shirts look great on the links, giving your team an opportunity to wear the brand while they’re in “business mode” is a sure-fire win. A nice executive dress shirt with a logo on the pocket or cuff helps your representatives to look as sharp as they sound.

10.  Pens

Of course, the classic branded pen is a staple item for every store. At just 1/10 of a cent, the pen is tied for the lowest cost per impression. And who doesn’t need a pen? Pro tip: Carry at least two types of pens in your branded merchandise program. An economical pen is an effective giveaway item for tradeshows, job fairs and conferences. However, these are not the same pens you want to give prospects before a presentation. A nice, quality writing instrument is a fantastic way of conveying your attention to detail. 

Each company has its own unique culture, which means your company’s branded merchandise program must be tailored to fit your needs. The ROBYN Company Store Solution is an effective tool for you to manage your gear without getting bogged down in the details. And, when used in conjunction with our easy-to-search SwagExpert website, your program is up-to-date, available and reliable.

Give us a shout today and one of our SwagExperts will walk you through some eye-popping stores with cutting-edge features.