Kitting and Fulfillment

Let your company store do it for you.

We know you’re busy, and adding one more thing to your daily to-do list just isn’t our style. That’s why we’re committed to handling the kitting and fulfillment of all your branded materials.

When an order is placed through your Online Company Store, you don’t have to do a thing. Our fulfillment center will pick, pack and ship every product. Additionally, we can help with kitting, assembly, storage and special shipping needs.

Surprise and delight.

Consider this: you want to impress a promising prospect. You know she’s a bookworm, so you’ve branded a top-of-the-line book light and are ready to make an impression. You wish you could package the gift like Christmas morning, but you don’t have the time or resources.

What if someone could do the wrapping for you? Imagine that same gift in a beautiful, branded package—it’s one more way ROBYN can help you surprise and delight your clients and prospects.

No time? No problem.

Do you want to provide trendy, top-notch products but don’t have the time to assemble every single one? Like the look of a great gift basket, but have neither the time nor patience to assemble one yourself? No problem.

We know some of the most impressive products come with the label: “some assembly required.” And, we believe your brand shouldn’t miss out. That’s why we offer complete assembly and kitting of your company products.